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Hi, Your unconscious mind drives so much of what you do. My passion is in helping you to use the power of your own mind to get you to exactly where you want to be. I have put together some of my most simple and effective tips for the most common problems I am asked about. All of the tips below have elements of self hypnotherapy and are easy to follow. I hope you enjoy trying out these techniques! If you have and questions please do email my team and keep checking back to see what is new. Congratulations on deciding to change  let me help you get started.
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Mindful Eating

Victoria Wills - NLP weight loss expert.

Are you always the first to finish and feel like you gobble all your food down? If so then this tips for you!

Change your focus away from what you eat to how you eat. Make every meal an event rather than an inconvenience in your day. If you're a person who has breakfast on the run or eats lunch at your desk then you have to make space for half an hour where your focus is on eating rather than the million other things you could be doing. Remember it takes twenty minutes for your stomach to register that it is full so you really do need half an hour for your lunch break. Also remember that the digestive process starts when you look at and smell your food so you need to focus on your meal rather than your PC/TV/Book.

The following tips will help you to slow down your eating, digest your food better and generally eat mindfully so that you eat less.

1. Sit down to eat - if you can eat at a table that is great. If you are going to pick at food out of the fridge then do it but you've got to pull up a chair first.

2. Chew your food thoroughly - no rules on how many times but you know the difference between chewing your food properly and eating like a snake.

3. Put down your knife and fork in-between every bite and only pick them up again when the bite in your mouth is gone.

4. Take at least 20 minutes for every meal (that is the amount of time it takes for your stomach to register that you have eaten enough).

Victoria Wills - NLP weight loss expert.

Tips to help you beat stress

We are a nation of stressed out people! These tips will allow you to de-stress and release all that tension.

Find somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down where it is quiet - put headphones with relaxing music on if there is nowhere quiet. Close your eyes and start by focusing on your breathing. Counting each breath in and each breath out - noticing how your breath begins to slow down. With each exhalation allow your mind and body to relax. After 10 relaxing exhalations picture yourself on the most beautiful beach, the temperature is just perfect for you and you are lying under a palm tree safe in the shade. You are warm and comfortable and completely at peace. Begin relaxing your muscles from the top of your head all the way down to your feet, starting with your head and face, then shoulders, arms, back, legs and finally your toes. Feel your body heavy on the beach, almost as if you are sinking into the sand. Enjoy the stillness of your body as your mind and body relax further with each exhalation.

Victoria Wills - NLP weight loss expert.

Tips for waking up and starting the day positively

As winter draws in and money gets tight this visualisation technique will help you start the day with lots of positivity.

If you wake up feeling moody and grumpy then before you get up close your eyes and picture yourself getting out of the wrong side of bed and spending the whole day feeling moody and grumpy. Notice how the day drags on and nothing goes quite to plan. Then picture yourself getting out of the other side of bed feeling good about yourself and the world and see how different your day is. Go through your day and picture each chore finished and each task completed and see yourself happily getting on with your day. Notice how much better and more fun your day is. Notice how much more friendly people are when you get out of the right side of bed. Then make your choice....and get out of bed the right side. Enjoy your day!

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