Victoria Wills - Weight loss hypnosis expert

Victoria Wills is an extremely popular speaker at motivational events, health events and at entrepreneurial events. With a compelling story and an engaging and open manner she is highly rated by both organisers and audiences alike.

"Victoria Wills gave a frank, unvarnished account of her entrepreneurial journey from being a management consultant to the fulfilment of her dream and the establishment of NuBeginnings UK and then France. Her presentation was humourous, charming and clearly heartfelt, while being totally genuine and clearly true to her character. She is a great role model for female (and male) entrepreneurs, and typifies the "can do" attitude that is common in most successful business leaders.

She is also very personable and open, and the Q&A session that followed her presentation was insightful and enlightening. She created a true dialogue with our members, who universally rated her as one of the better speakers we have had (which is saying something, given the illustrious entrepreneurs we have had speaking to our group in the past). I can thoroughly recommend Victoria as a motivational speaker who will inspire any audience, no matter how jaded!"

Ivor Tucker, Entrepreneurs World. London

"Victoria spoke at my weight loss group about her struggles with food. She spoke about mindset and hypnosis (and demonstrated the power of both). I was so pleased to hear someone speak openly and honestly about the things that have controlled my life for so long. I could have listened to her all day. Brilliant and inspiring."

Jane Allison, Marketing Consultant. London.

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